The Perfect Self-Care Ritual for Your Personal Style

Want your self care ritual to energize your spirit? Mellow your mind? Or feel grounded? Find yourself in these rituals curated to indulge your senses and aesthetic.

Self-care should indulge all of your senses. Let's find your perfect routine.

Grounded and Refreshed

Roll from the ball of your foot to your heel as you notice the sensations you feel throughout your body. Inhale the warm cedarwood and fresh pine.

Energized and Awake

Raise your hands high above your head in a prayer position as you bend at the hip towards the left, then right. Feel your body stretch and balance - each muscle coming alive and supporting your every desire.

Light and Lifted

Place one hand on your belly and take a deep breath. Pull it down and feel your belly rise. As you exhale release any weight you are holding in your body. Let your shoulders drop, your brows relax, and your face lift gently towards the sun. Feel the light - from the universe, and from within.